Monday, December 17, 2012

In love to eat Filipino Food

The people living in the Philippines are known to be food lover. The Filipino, sometimes called “pinoy” or “noypi”, knows no time when it comes to eating. The foods in the Philippine archipelago are mostly influenced by various cultures. The most dominant are the Chinese and Spanish cultures. The Chinese introduced noodles and taught the Filipinos some Chinese dishes like noodles and lumpia, vegetables wrapped in an edible wrappers. During the Spanish colonization, the Spanish people introduced some ingredients and flavors that made the Filipino cuisine into new level. Ingredients such as spices, pork, chicken and a lot more had made the Philippine dishes more enticing to eat and mouth watering.

The Philippines is said to be the melting pot of Asia. So, Filipinos prepared their dishes with a touch of either Western culture or Asian Culture. Since the country is divided into three beautiful islands, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, Filipinos cooked their dishes dependent on the setting. Even though each region in the country has its own way in preparing and cooking a food, the ingredients and taste are quite the same. Thus, if you are on a travel in the Philippines, it is very luxurious if you can have a taste of Filipino food.

The foods from the Philippines are commonly a mixture of sweet, sour, and salty flavors. In the Philippines, rice is the staple food and the perfect buddy in every meal. Ingredients are, somewhat, have limited life span. This is because the Pinoys eat three times a day and two snacks in between. For breakfast, almost all Pinoys will surely have pandesal on the table, a cup of either coffe or milk, and a piece of newspaper. Eating becomes, somehow, the most relaxing, fulfilling event in the lives of the Pinoys. Eating by hands is the traditional way by Filipinos in savoring a well prepared food. It is fun actually and you can have more control over your food. This tradition may look primitive to other country, but in the Philippines, this is one way of showing that you are, indeed, a Pinoy. There are even restaurants in the Philippines that serve this way, no spoon or fork, just your bare hands.

Filipinos are known to be very hospitable, aside from being a food lover, a trait that observed by many tourist in the country. In the Philippines, a home is not complete if there is no area for accepting visitors. Inviting someone and serving others are what makes the Filipinos stand out in hospitality. If you ever came to a house at mealtime, the host will sure invite you to come and eat with them. It may be sound awkward, but for the Filipinos, it is a sign of the start of friendship.

Philippines is a great country where people make eating as one of their social activity. The food from the Philippines and the hospitality of the Filipinos are as colorful as its history. Philippine cuisines are great and worth cooking for. There are dishes that captured my taste buds along my travel in the Philippines. I have listed some delicious Filipino foods that will sure makes you crave for it. 

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